«Рыцарь танца» Олег Закоморный

Виктор Ванслов о лауреате приза «Душа танца», авторе фигуры приза, ежегодно присуждаемого журналом «Балет».

Линия и формы

Любовь Криницкая о выставке скульптуры и графики в Городской художественной галерее города Сарова.

Климовицкий на выставке Олега Закоморного

All too human

Григорий Климовицкий рассказывает о творчестве Олега Закоморного

“All too human” creative work of Oleg Zakomorny

Russian academy of Arts invites to the exhibition of Oleg Zakomorny. It is confined to the 50th anniversary of the author. One of his sculptures – “Soul of dance” – has entitled the national ballet award. The exposition included works, which were united by the exhibition name – “All too human”. The artist and the father of four children Oleg Zakomorny has selected as a theme of his works […]

An Artist and Muse

In halls of the Russian academy of Arts (Prechistenka, 21) there is an exhibition of the honored artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian academy of Arts – Oleg Zakomorny, that is confined to the 50th anniversary of the author. Zakomorny is the sculptor and the artist with bright creative individuality. All works of the master appeal to the figurative and emotional viewer’s thinking, possess art integrity and stylistic […]

Figurativeness and innovative approach

Russian monumental art often suffers from monotony, clichés, and naturalistic solutions. Thus, unusual original artworks full of artistic imagination are very valuable. Only such works can make an artistic impression and be retained in people’s memory. The “Monument to the Settlers of the Altai from their Grateful Descendants” created by Oleg Zakomorny and erected in September 2012 in Barnaul — the capital of the Altai Region — […]

A Path of Self-Discovery

As rigorous river waters roll unrestrained, so does a talented artist rush through their artistic career with no time to look around properly. I know that in almost twenty years since I have met Oleg Zakomorny, he rarely spent several consecutive days, or even a day, without working. Work is both his sense of life and an opportunity to retreat from everything unrelated to art. The peculiarity of Zakomorny as an artist consists in a constant […]