Oleg Zakomorny. The gallery of graphic portraits of Moscow Mayors at the Moscow City Duma

The gallery of graphic portraits of Moscow Mayors

In 2012, at the commission of the Moscow City Duma, I have created a gallery of graphic portraits of Moscow Mayors. Creating this gallery was a great honor for me; I was glad to work on portraits of people who were involved in the building up, development and embellishment of Moscow. 

While studying biographies of each of them, I admired the scale of personalities of the best sons not only of Moscow, but of Russia, their charity-related activities and their patriotic fervor. They include famous patrons and philanthropists Sergey Tretyakov, Prince Golitsyn, Prince Shcherbatov, and many prominent representatives of Moscow merchants and noblemen. 

Although these are official portraits, I tried to portray them in a lively, imaginative manner, to convey their personalities. 

I am grateful to Moscow, where I grew up and found success as an artist and as a man. 

Creating and donating such gallery of portraits was the least I could do for Moscow and what I consider my duty. These portraits are on permanent display at the Moscow City Duma.