Album Oleg Zakomorny: Sculpture, Drawings

Moscow, 2016
ISBN 978-5-9908369-1-4 (eng)

Album “Oleg Zakomorny: Sculpture, Drawings” is a result of intense, extremely productive and very creative activity of Oleg Zakomorny that lasts for more than twenty years.

Zakomorny is the artist of enormous talent and rare diligence, who is truly committed to art. He is trueborn artist. His art is reflexion of his human charms. These charms reflect in every object that the artist touches. The sensitive spectator is voluntary “captive” of highly artistic works of Oleg Zakomorny.

Zakomorny – perfectionist, the person who aspires to the total perfection. His album is in literal sense a separate high-grade work of art with the remarkable design, noted by high artistic taste.

The main thing, the album allows its owner to feel ingenious skill of the artist, his sincerity and warmth. All that takes place also because of considerable merit of his wife and muse – Irina Zakomornaya, the composer of an album.