We invite all to the exhibition “Parts of the whole” that takes place in State Darwin Museum

Государственный Дарвиновский музей приглашает на выставку  Олега Закоморного «Части целого» 31 января 2019

From January 31 till March 10 in State Darwin Museum there will take place the exhibition of sculpture and graphics “Parts of the whole” – fauna and the world of human beings in Oleg Zakomorny’s works. We invite all to the opening-day on January 31 at 17:00!

Address: Vavilov St., 57.
Phone number: 7 (499) 132-02-02

From the press release of the exhibition:

The sculpture and graphics of the honoured artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Zakomorny will be presented at the exhibition. Despite the different “weight categories”, the light line of a drawing and heavy bronze of a sculpture harmoniously complement each other in the exhibition space. Exhibits are thematically connected with a moral and ethical problem of the relationship between man and nature. This problem is one of the main themes in Oleg Zakomorny’s creativity. Works of the master are penetrated with understanding of interconnectedness of all living beings on Earth, with the knowledge of the fact that people, animals and plants are “links of one fine, logical chain, shaped by Mother Nature”.

If speaking more generally about Oleg Zakomorny’s creativity, then its range is very wide: from drawing to monumental sculpture. At the same time at each type of creativity there is a genre variety: portraits, figures, animalistic genre compositions, decorative and park sculpture. Brought up by an academic school, Zakomorny owns the secrets of plasticity and drawing, for that very reason his works are notable for being unbound and light. The subject of Zakomorny’s works is extensive: female characters, motherhood and childhood; fauna is especially interesting to him as a very creative theme.

The animalistic sculpture of Oleg Zakomorny is warmed with his childhood memories, that is why it is slightly magic. Each of his works represents moments of a certain story. Here you can notice how wolves sneak along the wicker fence, leaving footprints in the snow, while the moon is breaking through the clouds (“On the Outskirts”, 2011). Pay attention to the details!

The role of the details in Oleg Zakomorny’s works is very essential: they are pleasing to the eye, inducing to examine forms over and over again, details also enrich an image, creating a special mood. The composition of the sculpture “Warm ocean” (2011) is, first of all, a dialogue between two creatures: the octopus and the girl who dived into the ocean in the hope to make friends with its inhabitant. But how many “interesting details” can be noticed here – seaweed, shells, floating small fishes…All that tells us about the sharpness of author’s artistic view.

One more distinctive feature of Zakomorny’s works is his own discovery, some kind of invention: he adds landscape elements to his sculptures. Animals and birds are not lonely, they are imprinted against the background of their natural habitat. The mighty elk makes his way through a thicket (“Moose”, 2011), the hippopotamus who rests in the middle of the swamp is surrounded with graceful water-lilies.

Themes of motherhood and childhood in fauna and in the world of human beings is widely presented at the exhibition. Anxiously looking around, the she-bear brought together near herself bear cubs (“The Big Dipper”, 2011), peace and idyll prevail in the family of leopards and in the eagle nest (“A Family of leopards”, 2013; “Eagle nest”, 2013 – 2014). Touching images of females with cubs have something in common with lyrical images of mothers that are often occupied with daily cares (“The Bath”, 2017; “In harmony with nature”, 2017; “Mommy, rainbow and me”, 2018). Graphics portraits of children and cubs shed incredible warm and tenderness.

Images of symbolic and metaphorical character arise in sculptures “A Walk in the clouds”, 2014 – 2015, “A voice of the moon”, 2013 – 2014.

For blind and visually impaired visitors all the sculpture at the Oleg Zakomorny’s exhibition are available for tactile perception and also are supplied with Braille script.

For children (3+) the educational program “Hide-and-seek with the artist Oleg Zakomorny” will take place.