An Artist and Muse

In halls of the Russian academy of Arts (Prechistenka, 21) there is an exhibition of the honored artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian academy of Arts – Oleg Zakomorny, that is confined to the 50th anniversary of the author.

Zakomorny is the sculptor and the artist with bright creative individuality. All works of the master appeal to the figurative and emotional viewer’s thinking, possess art integrity and stylistic unity. Gentle, weightless strokes of Zakomorny’s graphics unexpectedly harmoniously merge with heavy, firm bronze of his sculptures. The surprising attribute of his works is a special viewpoint of life: very quivering, attentive to character and details, such humane and at the same time human.

“An artist and muse”, “Bliss”, “Love Awakening”, “Expecting a Baby”, “We come to this world”, “Joy of maternity”, “The first of September”, “Almost caught” – each work of the master is not just a portrait or a landscape, these are actually tiny pictures of life, small stories. One of the main features of creativity of the artist consists in this: he puts his personal experiences and feelings into his works.

Zakomorny works in many genres: a garden and landscape sculpture, an ornamental sculpture, a sculptural portrait. Themes of his works are also diverse – female portraits and children’s portrait, genre scenes and animalier art and also fantastic fantasy motives in which the imagination of the author is shown very brightly.

Zakomorny’s graphics can be regarded as the same high-grade products, as well as his sculptures. They reflect author’s identity, express his character, psychology, outlook on life and, certainly, it bears the stamp of inimitable author’s handwriting, which is memorized once and forever. (№ 28 (6651), 11–07–2018)