“All too human” creative work of Oleg Zakomorny

Russian academy of Arts invites to the exhibition of Oleg Zakomorny. It is confined to the 50th anniversary of the author. One of his sculptures – “Soul of dance” – has entitled the national ballet award. The exposition included works, which were united by the exhibition name – “All too human”.

The artist and the father of four children Oleg Zakomorny has selected as a theme of his works motherhood and childhood. Each of his sculpture is a small story. Titles speak for themselves: “In expectation of the kid”, “Joy of motherhood”, “Love Awakening”. “I witnessed three times the childbirth, every time I was near my dear wife. I was the first who my children saw. These fine minutes, hours are torments of pleasure; it is such a concentration of everything. It so is deep and powerful that I cannot express it in words. But as an artist, I try to make it”, – the honored artist of Russia, Oleg Zakomorny says.

Oleg Zakomorny’s main hero and muse is his wife. The sculptor works in different genres: both a portrait, and a sketch. His sculptures are organic continuation of his graphics. One more theme of creative work of the artist is wildlife. Fiction and reality are intertwined.

“Oleg goes his own creative way, listens only to himself and to his great predecessors: Klimt, Vrubel. I simply see traditions which he is using” – comments the national artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov.

“It’s not just retelling, this is rather highly professional formal creativity. These spatial compositions, which we see, are quite interesting”, – the chairman of Union of Russian artists, the national artist of Russia, Andrey Kovalchuk says.

The purpose of such different, but at the same having one origin, artworks is to show the universality of a human nature. Confined to Oleg Zakomorny’s 50th anniversary the Russian academy of Arts has awarded him with silver medal.