Awakening (the exhibition of sculptural compositions and graphics by Oleg Zakomorny)

Poster of the exhibition in Helikon-Opera

Awakening …

​Nature’s awakening … Woman’s awakening…Awakening of feelings… Talent… Hope… Music…​

​The most timid and fragile time is the time of the first spring awakening after a winter deep profound sleep.

​ The Moscow musical theater Helikon-Opera under the leadership of Dmitry Bertman and the honored artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts Oleg Zakomorny conceived an exhibition project in the theatrical lounge-gallery named after Sergey Zimin, this project combined large graphic works and bronze sculptural compositions that bizarrely and unexpectedly reveal the theme of awakening.

​The exhibition was conceived in the period of deep February frosts and wondrous, never yet seen snowfalls. We made our way to the studio of the sculptor through impassable snowdrifts, it was very hard to breathe through all the wind; rare passers-by, struggling to keep their balance, awkwardly scampered along the narrow trail …

And the workshop was full of light, peace and warmth. It was inhabited by sunny bronze maidens, here well-shaped and tall bronze trees rustled with crowns and reflected in the wondrous waters, and woodland choir settled comfortably on their branches..

The authors of the exposition decided to lure the spring, to bring its awakening and arrival with these bright works full of hope and love. Not the one that scalds, but warms and brings strength.

We present to our beloved spectators about twenty works of the Moscow artist and sculptor Oleg Zakomorny.
The exhibition will last until May 9.

Curator of the exhibition Anna Gribkova-Tkhostova